Haylou Solar RS3 Haylou Solar Smart Watch Xiaomi Haylou RS3 Smartwatch IP69 Waterproof 50 Meters Water Resistant Bluetooth Global Version Women Men Watches For Android Apple iOS iPhone Fitness Tracker Sport Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Watch

Haylou Solar update version

Haylou Solar RS3

Haylou Solar Smart Watch Haylou RS3 Smartwatch

IP69 Waterproof 50 Meters Waterproof Resistant Bluetooth Global Version Women Men Watches

For Android Apple iOS iPhone Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Watch

Smartwatch 1.2″ AMOLED Screen 14 Sports Modes GPS 

IAI Intelligent Manufacture Award

Haylou RS3
Health Expert Explore Real Me
Spo2, tracking/ AMOLED HD display
Customized watch face/GPS satellite positioning
5 ATM waterproof

Explore Endlessly AMOLED HD display GPS satellite positioning

Heart rate monitoring
Sleep monitoring
Customized watch face
14 workout modes

5 ATMWater-resistance 21 days battery life

Bauhaus style design
Haylou RS3 adopts AMOLED display and aluminum alloy frame with simple and elegant

Bauhaus design, perfectly combining aesthetics and technology

Two buttons Design / AMOLED HD display / Aluminum alloy frame / Silicone strap

Customized Watch Face
Support customized watch face function. Watchfaces are updated continuously to satisfy your ever-changing style
Built-in watch faces
APP watch faces updated continuously
Customized watch faces

Spo, Tracking
Blood oxygen saturation(Spo, ) is an important physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle of the human body Check in with your body anytime

Who should pay attention to Spo2,
White-collars/ students
Get timely reminders for incoming calls, messages, emails, and social apps

Sports enthusiasts Strenuous exercise or excessive exercise can easily cause insufficient Oxygen supply in the body

People who snore
Long-term snoring may cause apnea and decreasing blood oxygen, affecting sleep quality
*Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not for diagnosis
and treatment

24 Hours Health Monitoring
Keep track of your physical condition 24 hours with upgraded optical heart rate sensor and smart health algorithm
Heart rate monitoring
Sleep monitoring
Sedentary reminder
Breathing exercises

Set goals every day

Heart rate monitoring: 24 hours heart rate monitoring Recent heart rate
data can be viewed through mobile APP
Sleep monitoring: Automatically monitor sleep status, record sleep heart
rate, analyze sleep stage and time. ( Monitoring data and results are for
reference only, not for diagnosis and treatment.
x Sedentary reminder Remind you to rest in time when maintaining a sedentary state for working or studying
x Breathing exercises Perform guided breathing exercises at a set rhythm
o relax in time
x Set goals every day: Complete three small goals of steps, distance and
calories burnt every day to keep your body active

Precise Sony GPs
Sony low-power GPS module can accurately locate movement track, and the gps can work continuously for 21 hours

High precision Sony GPS track
Low precision GPS track

14 Workout Modes
Haylou RS3 features 14 workout modes and provides professional exercise reports like a personal trainer, making for more efficient exercise。
Jogging / Fast walking / Biking / Climbing / Spinning
Yoga / Indoor running / Integrated training / Gymnastics / Basketball
Football / Rowing / Open water Swimming / Swimming pool

Outdoor exercise
Jogging, Fast walking, Biking, Climbing
Average pace/exercise heart rate/exercise track/calories burnt

Indoor exercise
Spinning, Yoga, Indoor running, Integrated training, Gymnastics
Basketball, Football, Rowing
Exercise time/exercise heart rate/calories burnt

Open water swimming, Swimming pool
Distance/main swimming style/ wolf/average pace/
stroke times/stroke frequency/calories burnt

Average pace

Freestyle, Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke
Swimming styles
* appliable to pool swimming
The lower the value, the higher
the efficiency

Underwater calories burnt

5 ATM Water-resistance
Haylou RS3 is rated waterproof to 5 ATM with metal frame and integral moulding back shell design
5 ATM water-resistance. It can withstand pressure of 50 meters deep of
still water for 10 minutes under normal temperature environment

Convenient life functions
Weather forecast
Sync with mobile phone weather forecast. Check weather conditions of the
last three days

Music control
Connect to the mobile phone Control music with the watch: play/pause
previous/next track etc
Find phone
Easily find your phone with the prompt tone responding from the phone

21 Days battery life
High-performance lithium battery. Basic battery life mode can last for 21 days on a single charge No need to carry a charger for travel
12 Days Daily use mode
21 Days Basic use mode
21 Hours GPs keeps working

daily use mode: Turn on heart rate monitoring; sleep monitoring, message
reminder; GPS for exercise, call reminders twice a day, message reminders
8 times a day, wrist-lift 1 50 times a day exercise twice a week; run for 30
minutes each time GPS is turned on
Basic use mode: Default watch face; sleep monitoring; turn off phone
Bluetooth connection, continuous heart rate monitoring and other functions
GPS keeps working: Turn on GPS to record exercise track; turn on heart
rate monitoring

Real time reminder
Connect mobile phone via Bluetooth. Instantly view calls, texts, and app notifications

Product name: Haylou RS3
Product model: Haylou LS04
Body size: 50.5×43.4×12.5mm
Strap width: 22mm
Watch weight: 46g(with strap
Display screen: 1.2 AMOLEd display
Resolution: 390×390
Bluetooth connection: Bluetooth v5.0

Sensor: LOW-power dynamic optical heart rate sensor, acceleration sensor
Sony GPS
Battery capacity: 230mAh
System requirement:
Android 6.0 and above: iOS 11.0
and above(supported functions
will vary from different watches,
mobile phones and countries
Battery life: About 12 days 24 hours heart rate monitoring
Waterproof grade: 5ATM
Working temperature: 0℃~45℃

Synchronous data platform: Haylou Fun
Workout modes:
Jogging, Fast walking, Biking, Climbing, Spinning, Yoga, Indoor running, Integrated training, Gymnast, Basketball, Football, Rowing, Open water swimming, Swimming pool

Haylou Solar RS3 Released Date

  • May 11, 2021

Won the IAI Global Design Award 2021

Haylou Solar RS3 Specs

  • Screen: AMOLED Screen
  • Waterproof : 50 meter
  • Waterproof Grade: IP69

2.5D Screen + aluminum

14 sports modes

Swimming, climbing, biking, boating,

Bring you a comprehensive professional sports experience

Watch LanguageChinese, English, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Hindu, Czech, Polish, Indonesian.
United StateUSAEnglish
United KingdomUK GBEnglishScotland Wales Ireland 
South AfricaZAAfrikaans
BruneiBNEnglishMalayBahasa Melayu
Paraguay PYSpanish
Czech RepublicCSCzech Republic
AzerbaijanAZTurkishAzerbaijani Turkic
Kyrgyz StanKGRussian
El SalvadorEVSpanish

As a new slim and large-screen watch, Haylou RS3 is equipped with a 1.2-inch AMOLED high-definition touch screen with a resolution of up to 390*390ppi. Compared with the traditional LCD screen, the RS3 screen has a wider viewing angle, a higher refresh rate and a more vivid and clear color display. The 2.5D cambered borderless dial and the aluminum alloy bezel complement each other, and the beauty of simplicity is beyond words. 

supports multi-function NFC, bus and subway, and one meter makes it a habit to travel lightly.

Haylou RS3 adds professional heart rate and blood oxygen sensors to provide 24-hour health protection. Add powerful functions such as blood oxygen saturation detection, heart rate monitoring, sleep detection, breathing training, etc., to guard your health in multiple dimensions throughout the day.

As a new generation of pioneers in Taiwan’s rap circle, E.So Slim is constantly examining himself with deeper thinking and bringing us more beautiful and beautiful music works. His spirit of persistent exploration of art and his attitude towards true self-expression are highly compatible with Haylou RS3’s DNA. It is the continuous deepening of the concept of health, the meticulous attention to aesthetic design, and the continuous exploration of the needs of urban youths that can present an excellent product that combines simple appearance and fashion with rich intelligent health technology.

the GPS system it is equipped with is a SONY system, which allows users to go out and exercise without wearing them. Mobile phones can also record.

Haylou RS3 is equipped with Sony’s low-power GPS module, which can accurately locate the movement track in real time. Preset 14 sports modes, support 50-meter swimming class waterproof performance, whether it is mountain climbing, cycling, boating, swimming, mainstream sports in everything. In addition to the exercise mode quick start button, it can also record exclusive exercise data according to different exercise types, just like a personal trainer provides professional exercise reports. 

 Haylou RS3 built-in four optical heart rate sensors, with professional intelligent heart rate algorithm, provides 24-hour heart rate monitoring. During sleep, it can automatically monitor sleep status, record sleep data, and analyze sleep stage and time. In addition, Haylou RS3 has also added blood sample saturation detection to detect blood oxygen levels anytime and anywhere.

Haylou RS3 has built-in multifunctional NFC, which supports bus card, access card and Alipay scan code payment. At the same time, it can also synchronize various information reminders of the mobile phone, customize the dial wallpaper, control the mobile phone music playback, pause, cut songs, and find the mobile phone. 

Haylou RS3 creatively integrates simple appearance and fashion with rich smart health technology, giving the smart watch a new mission—the one worn on the wrist is not only a portable work secretary, but also a health management steward. The Haylou RS3 award is not only a demonstration of Liesheng Electronics’ strong technological innovation ability and mature design technology, but also an affirmation of Liesheng Electronics’ core concept of bringing smart watches into thousands of households and leading a healthy life. Liesheng Electronics will also continue to strengthen technology accumulation, continuously improve corporate R&D capabilities, and go all out to inject new momentum for China’s intelligent manufacturing to go global.

The Haylou Solar RS3 launched this time has also been upgraded in terms of water resistance, from the original IP68 to IP69, and the screen has also been upgraded from a TFT panel to an AMOLED panel.