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Dongguan Liesheng Electronic Co., Ltd

founded base a group of more than 10 years experience experts in 2014, as their great effort, Haylou brand developing so fast , Haylou earbuds become a world top designer and manufacturer in less than 3 years, Haylou achieve many value awards from all over the world for it’s great design and quality.

For Haylou amazing developing, the listed company Xiaomi invest heaylou in A round, Haylou Xiaomi cooperation turn into reality. So Haylou GT1 could called Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS wireless stereo earbuds. As Haylou Brand Good Quality Product with Xiaomi and other investor’s great help,we believe Haylou will walk far away.

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As haylou is a global company, haylou design products spread all earth marketing. The biggest marketing is china,then is usa, we could find Haylou GT1 amazon listing together with Haylou GT1 Pro amazon on sale.

For the passed six years, many Haylou disign products appear to customer’s sight,Haylou not design so many kinds of products,but every product is the best of Haylou experts performance! Haylou now become a big success! Much Respect and Thanks so much!

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Feature :
Advaned Bluetooth 5.0
Advaned TWS True Wireless Stereo
Touch Control
IPX5 Waterproof Sweatproof
Superior Sound
Longer Battery Life
Lighter and Smaller
Digital Noise isolation
Voice assistant
with haylou earbuds case battery cover

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