Haylou T16 Earbuds Xiaomi Haylou T16 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 IPX5 Waterproof Touch Control Charging Case HD Call Four Micphones ANC Earphones Hybrid -35dB Active Noise Reduction Wireless Earphones CCAW Voice Coil

Haylou T16 Earbuds Xiaomi Haylou T16 TWS True Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth 5.0 IPX5 Waterproof Touch Control Charging Case

HD Call Four Micphones ANC Bluetooth Earphones Hybrid -35dB Active Noise Reduction Wireless Earphones CCAW Voice Coil

Haonu T16 TWS ANC Earbuds

Glamor Music in Quiet World

Multiple NC modes / CCAW / 30hr battery life
Dual master earbud / Wireless charging

Hybrid-35dB ANC

Golden curve tuning No more dmomon

Dual master earbud Pick up to use with no break

Low—latency mode lip-sync streaming

Multiple NC modes fitting vared scenarios

Copper Clad Aluminium Wire Studic—quality smmd

30hr battery life for your daily life

Open lid to connect They know when to phy/pawse

Hybrid -35dB ANC No Noise in Any Place

Dual Mics—one feed—forward, the other feed—back—on the surface of the earbuds catch the ambient sounds from your surroundings, Whether it’s in—flight noise, city traffic, or office chatter and intentionally blocking out up to 35dB background noises by matching it with ul-trasonic frequencies.

FonNard-feed Mic reducing ambient noises

Backward-feed Mic reducing in-ear noises

Multiple Noise Canceling Modes Available on APP

You can choose NC mode for your current situation through the linked Haylou App

Transparent Mode

Ambient sound is noticeabla to get you aware of surroundmgs when running or walking

Noise Canceling Mode

Blocking out noises in bustling place like metro or high-speed

Outdoor Mode

Reducihg Wind noise when you are diving or pedaing.

*Double touch left panel to switch among transparent, NC and outdoor modes.

  • You can only choose one from 3 NC modes by touching panel. Yet
    the App enable you to pick up from all 4 NC modes.

Perfect Tuning No more Distortion

Coupled with sound quality compensatlon, our team of sound doctors resorts to acoustic golden curve as the tuning base in a bid to deliver HD original sound in various situations

The above daxa are measured by Luesheng Acoustic Lab

CCAW Reshaping Your Listening Small Details Making Big Difference

High-end Copper CJad Aluminium Wire(CCAVV) is able to display every audio detail as a way to bring about studio—quality sound that’s clear and natural.

Dual Master Earbuds Offering Flawless Controls

Either <5 master earbud connecung to phone directly. Seamless switch between mono and stereo modes in unbreakable connection with no more dropout.
Regular TWS headsets sound is transmwned from device to left earbuds In ‘efl earbudo 15h and ngh!

T16 TWS ANC Earbuds sound is transmmed to left and right snmultaneousiy.

Up-to 30hr Long-Lasting Battery Life Wireless Charging, Free Life

Earbuds can stream around 6 hours. With the 600mAh carry case, the total battery life can reach 30 hour. * Simply put down carry case on wireless charger to power up your earbudso No cable, no limit at all

  • At 50% volume: one top up means 6hr playing with ANC off or 4,5hr
    pIaying with ANC ono
    Wirelesscharger is not included in the package.

Wired charging with type—C port makes battery recovered fast

Wireless charging gets everything easy

Low-Latency Mode
Lip-Sync in Gaming and Streaming

Triple touch right panel to wake up Iowflatency mode. In this ultra—Iow delay mode, you can hardly feel any lag when playing and always act before your enemies Winner winner, chicken dinner.

All are Smart
Everything is Automatic

Pick up earbuds and they will auto power on and connect. Everything is smart and automatic. Thanks to the highsensitive infrared sensor, T16 can detect wearingstatus Put on to play and take off to pause.

Auto power-on They know how to and reconnect play music for you

Unbreakable Wireless Connection

Thanks to LDS antenna, TMS has extended operation range to 30m without s}gnal interference N01 Bluetooth 5.0 chip, T16 offers faster and more stable connection ever,

Faster and more stable connection

30m of cpemticn range

Dreaming Sound Quality by AAC Available on Andriod and IOS

AAC has inaugurated a new era for both Android and
iOS systems, delivering Hm sound to all of you.

One Tap to Go Summon Your Voice Assistant

With high—accuracy touch panel, just one tap and you can enjoy varied functwonso See off those pains from physical buttonso Keep touching either panel for 1.5s to summon Voice Assistant to help you with navigation, searching and calling.

Haylou T16 Specs:


  • Mode: Haylou-T16
  • Weight: 5.3
  • Bluetooth version: v5.0
  • Charging twme(earbuds); approx. 2hr
  • Charging Ume(chargmg case): approx. 3hr
  • Talk time: approx. 6hr with ANC off
  • approx. 4.5 with ANC on
  • Battery life(with charging case): approx. 30h with ANC off
  • Battery type: li-ion
  • Earbuds Battery capacity: 50mAh
  • Battery capacifykase): 600mAh
  • Pairing name: Haylou-T16

Haylou T16 Earbuds Xiaomi Haylou T16 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Features:

  • The earbuds can be used continuously for 6 hours in a fully charged state, and with a 600mAh large-capacity charging case, it can bring 30 hours of long-lasting battery life.
  • Various control functions of the earbuds can be realized through touch, eliminating the pain of pressing the ears during button control operation. Long press any earphone for 1.5 seconds to wake up the voice assistant, etc.
  • Ultra low latency mode.Tap the right earphone 3 times to turn on the low latency mode.
  • Multiple noise cancelling modes.Easily meet the needs of multiple scenes, use “HAYLOU”APP to quickly select a noise reduction mode that is more suitable for the current scene.
  • The highly sensitive infrared sensor can automatically recognize the wearing state of the earbuds, and the music will automatically play when you put it on, and the music will automatically pause when you take it off.

Haylou T16 Release Date

  • Haylou T16 Release Date is July 2020

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