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Hello Haylou APP design with better user experience than official Haylou APP

More function control and customize you Haylou Smart Watch

Hello Haylou

Haylou Smart Watch support, extends the capability of the Haylou apps

This app works with or without the original Haylou apps (but we have no affiliation with Xiaomi/Haylou)

Supported devices
• Haylou RS4 Plus (LS11)
• Haylou RS4 (LS12)
• Haylou RT2 (LS10)
• Haylou GST (LS09B)
• Haylou RT (LS05S)
• Haylou Solar (LS05)
• Haylou RS3 (LS04)
• Haylou Smart Watch 2 (LS02)
• Haylou Smart Watch (LS01)

Hello Haylou Premium Apk

2.5.1 version Updated May 13, 2022

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05/05/2022 – version: 2.5.1
– Haylou RS4 Plus support

01/05/2022 – version: 2.5.0
– new design

06/03/2022 – version: 2.4.1
– watch face editor improvements: alignment, gradient, auto battery (%) and temperature (°) suffix

12/02/2022 – version: 2.3.0
– Haylou RT new version support: blood oxygen, more languages
– Haylou RT2/RS4: main screen/Smart watch setting/shortcuts new function

This app works with or without the original Haylou apps (but we have no affiliation with Xiaomi / Haylou).

If you have a connection problem
– recent apps screen: lock the Hello Haylou (pull down the app and click on lock icon)
– phone battery settings/battery optimization: set Hello Haylou app to not optimized

If the problem persists
– restart your phone
– write an email to me

Key features
– cooperation with the official Haylou apps or completely independent working mode
– normal and internet incoming call signal with caller display
– missed call signal with caller display
– displays the app’s notification texts on the watch
– show the most common emoticons
– uppercase conversion
– customizable character and emoji replacement
– show battery state
– low battery level notification

Watch face (LS01/LS02 are not supported)
– custom watch face uploading
– watch face editor

Weather forecast (LS01 is not supported)
– OpenWeather
– AccuWeather

– daily/weekly/monthly/yearly charts

– daily/weekly/monthly/yearly charts
– measured values, quarter-hourly values, half-hourly values, Hourly values

– daily/weekly/monthly/yearly charts

Touch control
– incoming call reject button action: call rejecting, call mute, call answering
– find my phone
– music control
– music volume up/down
– phone mute toggle
– flashlight toggle


Event reminders
– hourly repetition

Do not disturb mode
– turn Bluetooth on and off
– turn call or notification alert on and off

– export data to csv format

English, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Turkish, Italian, French, Germany, Romanian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Chinese

Hello Haylou Apk

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App LanguageSimplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Indonesian, Czech.